How To Choose an Under-Desk Treadmill in 2024

You may have heard the expression “Sitting is the new smoking” and under-desk treadmills are a genius invention that is here to help you quit sitting! But, choosing the right one for your needs can be daunting.

Let’s get nerdy for a minute.

The analysis of thirteen studies involving 351 participants showed that treadmill desk users burned 105.23 kcal per hour more and had a metabolic rate increase of 5.0 mL/kg/min, without affecting blood pressure, while also reducing sitting time by 1.73 minutes per hour compared to conventional desks, with no significant changes in other metabolic outcomes.

There are several factors to consider before you invest in one. In this guide, we’ll take you through the complete process of selecting the perfect under-desk treadmill for you!

Factors To Consider When Choosing an Under-Desk Treadmill

how to choose an under-desk treadmill

The main factors to consider when choosing an under-desk treadmill are the following:

  • Size and Weight
  • Max Weight capacity
  • Motor Power and Noise
  • Speed and Incline
  • Durability and Warranty
  • Price

Now let’s dive a bit deeper into each one.

Size and Weight

The first factor to consider while buying an under-desk treadmill is its size and weight. It is crucial to make sure that the treadmill is the right size to fit under your desk comfortably, but also, it should not be too heavy for you to move around if necessary.

The size and weight of the treadmill impact its portability, and that’s particularly important if you have a smaller workspace.

Another related tip is to look for built-in wheels that make it easier to move the treadmill around.

Last but not least, there are a few foldable under-desk treadmills out there which can greatly help reduce the size factor when not in use.

Keep this factor in mind when making your purchase to ensure you can easily move and store it!

Max Weight Capacity

Don’t let the compact size of an under-desk treadmill fool you. Just like the Hulk in a suit, it’s got to bear your weight while providing a smooth, safe walk or run.

Max weight capacity is an essential factor to consider, especially for users carrying a bit more body love. It directly relates to the treadmill’s durability and longevity. If you weigh more than the treadmill’s maximum weight limit, you might end up damaging it or not getting the optimal performance.

So, ensure the treadmill you choose can comfortably handle your weight, just like your favorite comfy couch. This will enhance your exercise experience and ensure your new office buddy lasts for years!

Motor Power and Noise

When buying an under-desk treadmill, you’ll want to pay close attention to the motor power and noise level.

A more powerful motor will offer treadmill users a smoother and more comfortable experience, while a less powerful motor may quickly wear out.

Additionally, make sure to buy a treadmill with a quiet motor to ensure it’s not annoying you and your colleagues during online meetings, phone calls, or when you’re taking a little “YouTube break” (we won’t tell).

Speed and Incline

Another important factor to consider when purchasing an under-desk treadmill is the speed and incline levels.

If you’re more interested in walking than running, then a treadmill with a maximum speed of 4 mph may be suitable for you. Also, if you want a little more challenge, then find a treadmill that offers incline options to give you an extra boost in your workout.

Choosing an under-desk treadmill with adjustable speed and incline features lets you customize your experience and lets it grow with your fitness level.

Durability and Warranty

Durability and warranty are both significant considerations when buying an under-desk treadmill. You want to make sure you purchase a treadmill that will last for years and not require expensive repairs frequently.

Treadmills built with high-quality materials, like steel and aluminum, tend to have a more extended lifespan than treadmills made from plastic. Also, make sure to look for a warranty feature that protects you from any functional defaults and gives you peace of mind.

Pro tip: Longer warranties are usually a good indicator that the treadmill’s quality is high.


The last factor to consider when purchasing an under-desk treadmill is your budget. Treadmills can range from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars, so your budget should dictate the options you consider.

With the variety of options out in the market, it’s possible to find a quality treadmill that meets both your physical and financial needs!

Frequently Asked Questions

How many calories do you burn walking on a treadmill under a desk?

According to studies, treadmill desk users burned 105.23 kcal per hour.

What are the pros and cons of walking desk treadmill?

The pros of under-desk treadmills include the ability to incorporate physical activity into your workday, potentially improving cardiovascular health, enhancing mood, and boosting productivity. However, the cons are that they can be a significant investment, may result in noise distractions, and may require substantial space, which might not be ideal for compact working areas.

How fast should I walk on an under-desk treadmill?

The real answer is “it depends”, but this alone isn’t helping anyone!
The average recommended speed is 2mph but you will need to experiment and find what your best speed is.
Then feel free to crank it up a notch whenever you want to break a sweat.

Is a treadmill desk better than a cycling desk?

It depends on your needs and goals.
If you have difficulties standing for an extended period of time or have joint issues, then a bike desk might be better for you.
Otherwise, under-desk treadmills are a great way to bring more movement to your workday while staying in the comfort of your own home.


Working from home can be a challenging experience, especially with the lack of movement and activity.

But investing in an under-desk treadmill can help you break that monotony and keep you healthy and active!

The key to buying the ideal under-desk treadmill is to consider the factors we’ve mentioned above – size, weight, max weight capacity, motor power, noise, speed, incline, durability, warranties, and price.

A treadmill that caters to your personal needs and requirements will let you enjoy a healthy, active, and productive workday from the comforts of your own home!

Still not sure which one to choose? ⬇️

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